Naturalistic Dualism: Alternatives

to Physicalism

October 13, 2012

Hosted by

Fordham University

New York, NY


David Chalmers

Australian National University / NYU

William Jaworski

Fordham University

Howard Robinson

Central European University

Dean Zimmerman

Rutgers University 


The grail of philosophy of mind for over 40 years has been an acceptable mind-body theory that is both antireductive and broadly naturalistic – a theory that affirms that we are physical beings with physical components, but that also denies that biology, psychology, and other special sciences are reducible to physics. The most popular theories of this sort have been forms of nonreductive physicalism. But there are alternative naturalistic theories that reject physicalism. These include various forms of emergentism, epiphenomenalism, and hylomorphism. The goal of this conference is to explore some of these alternatives and their implications for the philosophy of mind.

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